September 17, 2013

Cole Family

John Folk and his crew at Spring Creek Builders gave us the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore a variety of options.  This open communication gave my husband and I the confidence to accomplish kitchen and bath remodel projects we have been trying to get off the ground for 9 years.

John’s in-depth knowledge of construction materials and techniques gives him an edge when it comes to offering clients like us creative project options.  He patiently explained these options to us as a result, we have a new kitchen and bath that totally exceeded our expectations.

John’s crew shares the same knowledge, expertise and willingness to talk about options.  These talented craftsmen quickly and professionally completed the various facets of our project.  We felt we were in good hands throughout the project and had the confidence to know that whatever came up, these skilled professionals would have the knowledge and expertise to take care of anything.

Many thanks to John Folk and his talented crew at Spring Creek Builders.  Your ideas, craftsmanship and building talent has given us a the kitchen and bath we’ve always wanted.

~ The Cole Family


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