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Can you help me figure out how much this project will cost?

Yes, we will discuss material and scope of work options that will determine final cost.

How much per square foot does new construction cost?

The main factors which affect the cost of new construction per square foot are:

  1. Site conditions
    • Hillside construction is much more expensive than a flatter lot with easy access.
    • Soil types can effect construction costs. ( Boulders, clay or expansive soils)
    • Central water and sewer are  less expensive than wells and septic systems.
  2. Home design
    • The simpler the design the lower the costs. There is an old adage which states “Every time you turn a corner you increase the costs.”
  3. Quality of Finishes
    • Granite – vs – Formica
    • Aluminum clad wood windows – vs- vinyl
    • Tile shower – vs – fiberglass insert

We will work with your budget to build a home you can afford and will enjoy for years to come.
$150 – $300 per sq. ft.  based  on the above factors

Where should we start planning?

The first step is to sit down for a free consultation to discuss your ideas and concepts , then you can make an informed decision on the cost and viability of your project.

What is “Green Building”?

  • Green Building or sometimes called  “sustainable building” is the practice of creating structures  using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout a buildings life-cycle: from site to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.
  • This practice expands and compliments the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability and comfort.

Do you offer ”Green Building”?

  • Yes we can have your project certified.
  • Many of our common construction practices are rewarded in green building programs.
  • Our philosophy is inherently green  with an emphasis on  creating energy efficient, environmentally responsible, high quality homes.

How do I get my project Green Certified ?

  • We register your project at the inception to allow for planning with a level of certification in mind.
  • You are awarded points for each sustainable practice you implement through the entire process, the more point you acquire the higher level of certification you achieve.

Can we save money by doing some work ourselves?

Some projects provide opportunities for cost saving, do it yourself options and we are always happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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